After many years of spraying polyurethane foam insulation I wanted to add a service to my customers that would greatly reduce sound transfer between interior walls and floors of homes and buildings. After trying out many different options on my own home, I found that Rockwool was far superior to everything else for sound control. Even beating open cell spray foam, which I wasn't expecting. After concluding Rockwool to be the superior product (but not even being able to obtain it from my local lumber yards) I had to make this amazing product available to my customers. So, I am happy to say that I have a large stock of these products on hand and I am also now providing installation services. 
ROCKWOOL AFB (Acoustical Fire Batt) is a batt insulation designed specifically for interior wall and floor/ceiling applications. This stone wool insulation is made from natural stone and recycled content. It’s a green product that provides superior sound absorbency and fire protection for overall comfort and safety. Because AFB is designed for interior applications, it has not been engineered as a thermal insulation but as a fire barrier and for soundproofing. Stone wool in general has excellent fire ratings, does not burn and can add valuable time for evacuation in the event that a fire occurs. Its higher density properties also make it an ideal solution for minimizing sound traveling between rooms. It can also greatly suppress sound polution from outside the home when installed over a full 3 inch application of closed cell spray foam, also increasing the wall's R-value up to R-30 max on 2x6 construction. 
Fire resistance enhances home safety
• Combination of natural stone and recycled content makes ROCKWOOL insulation an excellent fire barrier
• Does not develop smoke or promote flame spread, even when directly exposed to fire
• Can withstand temperatures up to 1177°C (2150°F) providing occupants valuable extra time in case of a fire
Sound control delivers peace and quiet
• Install AFB in interior walls between rooms and in ceilings between floors
• Higher-density batts more effectively reduce airflow – thereby decreasing sound transmission
• Provides higher sound absorption against lowfrequency (bass) ranges, which are most difficult to block
• Typical household applications include but are not limited to; interior walls, exterior walls after spray foam, floors, ceilings, home office, laundry room, bathroom, furnace room, home theater, bedroom of your teenager that took up drums and frequently invites band members over for a jam session, etc.